QuantumSpecs at LPEM-ESPCI

In recent years the continuous progress in the fabrication on atomic scale has opened new areas of research of novel quantum phenomena which appear at surfaces of solids or at interfaces between atomically thin layers and a substrate on which these layers are deposited. These novel low-dimensional systems already showed a very rich collection of ground states, such as Mott insulating phases, charge density waves, anti-ferromagnetism, ferrimagnetism, Tomonaga Luttinger Liquid behavior and even superconductivity. The electronic states in these surface/interface systems involve microscopic processes which differ greatly from those observed in the bulk materials.

The close proximity between different ground states results in crossover regimes, leading to novel quantum phenomena that our team QuantumSpecs at ESPCI explores in the real space by various near field microscopies and spectroscopies, and in the reciprocal space by ARPES.