Ultra-spectroscopy of quantum properties of nano-materials

Recent decades have witnessed the discovery of new classes of materials with novel and extraordinary properties like high temperature superconductors, giant magnetoresistance oxides, graphene and topological insulators, multiferoic, quantum magnets and supramolecular architectures, heavy fermions, low dimensional conductors. These novel materials exhibit complex electronic properties given by topological or structural particularities and/or electronic correlations. Some of these quantum materials and their interfaces yield the emergence of quantum criticality and/or new states of matter.

The deep understanding of the interactions at the microscopic level in quantum materials characterized by weak electronic excitations is a real challenge for the scientific community. On the one hand, modern theories face difficulties to explain the mechanisms involved in low-dimension (and low-dimensional) systems and fail for most of the correlated systems. On the other hand, revealing novel quantum phenomena often requires original approaches and equipment.
That is why, within the joint team QuEST, our activity has three complementary facets:

Basic Research
Equipment and Development