Dimitri RODITCHEV, Professor at l’ESPCI-ParisTech, Research Director at CNRS (on leave from)

e-mail: dimitri.roditchev (arobase)
Office at LPEM: +33 140794575
Office at INSP: +33 144274672

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Stéphane PONS, Senior Researcher at CNRS

e-mail: stephane.pons (arobase)
Office : +33 140794575

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Sergio VLAIC, Assistant Professor ESPCI

e-mail: sergio.vlaic (arobase)
Office at LPEM: +33 140794575
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Thomas PIERRON, CNRS Research Engineer
e-mail:thomas.perron (arobase)
Office : +33 140794575
PhD students
Etienne Barre
Former PhD students and post-docs
Vasiliy Stolyarov, Now Senior Research Scientist of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Gerbold Menard, Now CNRS Research Scientist at LPENS Paris
Thomas Vincent
Jonathan Baptista
Denis S. Baranov, now at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Yingzheng Gao, now Post-doc at Néel Institute
Undergraduate Students
Former Undergraduate Students
Mathias Casiulis
Leandro Silva Pimenta
Jonathan Belhassen
Sylvain Massabeau
Sareh Moghaddam
Bruno Fontaine
Anahita Omoumi
Enrico Cofler
Jean-Baptiste Bouhiron
Etienne Barre